Big Little Lies

2017: The year of “old” ladies kicking (rules’) ass. Vol. 1

What a tricky, terrible and yet wonderful, frustrating and at once satisfying year for women on both sides of the screen this was. It started with a devastatingly regressive Presidential election. It continued with a series of long overdue progressive booms in our pop culture. And it culminated in an explosive disclosure of chronic toxic…Read more 2017: The year of “old” ladies kicking (rules’) ass. Vol. 1

‘Wonder Woman’, or God(dess) interrupted

Wonder Woman is not the best superhero movie you’ve seen, ever or in the recent past. It is however the most significant piece of blockbuster entertainment – the most intriguing (and worthy) addition to pop culture staples in this particular moment in time. Although both Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice…Read more ‘Wonder Woman’, or God(dess) interrupted