Big Little Lies

2017: The year of “old” ladies kicking (rules’) ass. Vol. 1

What a tricky, terrible and yet wonderful, frustrating and at once satisfying year for women on both sides of the screen this was. It started with a devastatingly regressive Presidential election. It continued with a series of long overdue progressive booms in our pop culture. And it culminated in an explosive disclosure of chronic toxic…Read more 2017: The year of “old” ladies kicking (rules’) ass. Vol. 1

A bloody alien ‘Alien’

Five years after the visually stunning but otherwise pretentious and ultimately hollow, Prometheus, comes Alien: Covenant. With it Ridley Scott resumes his campaign to reclaim as his own a legendary cinematic franchise that never really belonged to him. Each film of the original Alien Quadrilogy (Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien: Resurrection) was blessed with a distinctly…Read more A bloody alien ‘Alien’