I watch, I read, I write. Not necessarily in that order.

Lindsey’s plea in James Cameron’s film The Abyss “We all see what we want to see… You have to look with better eyes than that”, is my motto.

I am a motion pictures fanatic, an avid book reader, an unabashed photographer, an ever curious globe-trotter, an occasionally addicted video-gamer, a (pop) culture aficionado, a socially conscious political animal, and a nerd at her core explorer.

I have turned my passion for the arts, fine & applied, into a degree in Visual Communication/Advertising, (with distinctions in the subjects of History of Art and Photography) and my passion for films and TV into a 20+, geeky career, a Master’s Degree in Art Criticism, a 7 years PhD research in Film Studies, a short course in Adobe Creative Suite and a long course in Photography Level 2 at Morley College, London.

This blog is another way of exploring and expressing further everything that ever stirs in my mind.

A self portrait